LocalBitcoins my best exchange for buy and sell cryptocurrencies

If there is an exchange that I will always recommend, it will be LocalBitcoins. For me it is the most reliable without a doubt.

Also because it is the most complete and where you will be able to find more offers and demands. That is, in LocalBitcoins every day you will be able to find new offers to buy and sell Bitcoin.

I’ve been registered with LocalBitcoins since I started in the world of cryptocurrencies and it’s been many years since that.

And I’ve never heard negative comments. Of course they have been able to make a scam. But they have been unscrupulous users and others who have not followed the rules of safety and reliability.

In spite of that, I’m not only going to tell you about the good but also the least good thing about this exchange.

Good things from LocalBitcoins

  • One of the most private ways to purchase bitcoins
  • No buying or selling limits
  • Easy to Use, Human-to-human direct transaction.
  • No political intervention. No third party is involved.
  • Buys made with cash deposit generally deliver bitcoins within 1 hour
  • Available in nearly every country(248 countries and about 14000 cities)
  • No ID verification required
  • Support is usually quick to respond to all issues
  • Buy, Sell bitcoins with your local currency (cash)
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Bitcoin exchange platform
  • Buy bitcoins with many payment methods
  • In-person cash trades are fast and easy to organize
  • One of the oldest Bitcoin exchanges since 2012
  • Company based in Helsinki, Finland.

Not so good things from LocalBitcoins

  • Not suitable for large buyers
  • Trading fees 1%
  • Some payment methods such as PayPal, may have reversible payment features; which may prove to be risky.
  • Fees can be slightly high when buying with cash, since many people are willing to pay extra for the privacy LocalBitcoins offers
  • Some sellers will require ID verification for larger amounts.
  • Reputation of exchange is good, but need to check reputation of each user on the exchange. Check for scammers. Be WISE and alert!
  • The speed of transaction would depend on payment method.

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