ExShell how to send tokens

ExShell is one of the exchanges we are going to use to be able to trade and convert our tokens into other crypto currencies, or pass them on to FIAT money.

First step in ExShell

Registration is very simple, just click on this link Free registration.


You will have to complete a captcha and receive a confirmation email.

Second step in ExShell

I recommend you to check your mobile so much that it will be useful for future withdrawals.

Like Primary Certification. Here you cannot use ID Card. (Because it is only valid for people from the Exchange country). You must use the second option.

He will ask you to upload a photo of yours with a sheet on which you must write today’s date and the name of the Exchange next to your ID.


As you can see, I’ve done everything this morning and they’ve already verified my account. So everything is going very fast.

Help on ExShell

If you encounter any problem, use the Help button that appears at the bottom right; I used it when the ID Card gave me problems and in seconds they were answering me and giving me a solution.

How to send our tokens to ExShell?

Surely you all have tokens in your Metamask account.

Step 1. If you don’t have Ethereum (if you have go to feel step)

The first thing you should keep in mind is that you need to have some Ethereum (ETH) to pay the fees (commissions) of the transactions from one wallet to another.

So the first step is to recharge your Metamask with some Ethereum.

You can use any exchange you know, for example Coinbase, I recommend Bit2me. The reason, why you can send ETH directly to Metamask so it’s faster and you’ll save a commission. If you buy it in Coinbase then you will have to send them to your Metamask and that already charges commission.

In addition Bit2me is one of the cheapest sites I have worked with to buy Ethereum. You only need 30 € if you do it by card and the entrance in your Metamask is almost immediate.

  • You choose to pay by card.
  • Indicate the amount you want to buy in Euros.
  • And you paste the address of your Metamask.
  • Wait a few minutes and you will have your Ethereum available in your account.

Step 2. Send tokens to ExShell

The first thing to know is which wallet I have to send my tokens to. This time we will do it with Vite (VT).


We enter Balance – Exchange.

  1. We searched the search engine “VT” (without quotes).
  2. Our Coin will appear.
  3. Click on Deposit coin.

We copy the address from our VT wallet.

exshell wallet

Just click on “Copy” and we will have the full address of our VT wallet in ExShell copied.

Let’s go to our Metamask and send the VTs to that wallet.

metamask wallet
  1. We pasted the ExShell wallet that we copied in the previous step.
  2. We indicate the amount of VT we want to transfer. (You can do a test with a small amount, to check that everything is correct. The only thing is that it will cost you a little more commission if you want to send more).
  3. Choose the commission you want to pay, we recommend the second option, which is already checked, to be faster and not so expensive.
  4. And click on next. Confirm the operation. In a few minutes you will have your VT in ExShell.

Your tokens will appear here.

exshell balance
  1. In “Available” will be the ones you have available, which will be the ones you have sent.
  2. And in Frozen the ones you are exchanging, trading with them.

The last step would be to go to the exchange and exchange them for Ethereum (ETH).

exshell exchange

You can choose 2 modalities: basic or advanced. You can try both and keep the one you feel most comfortable with.

Note: This may work for most of the tokens we work with, especially if we have them in Metamask. And for most exchange, they are usually very similar. If you have any doubt, you can write me or comment below.

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