Bitcoin faucet

Bitcoin faucet, free satoshis. If you have just arrived to the world of crypto coins; and you want to start for free the best way to get a portion of Bitcoins is to use faucets.

What is a Bitcoin faucet and how does it work?

It’s a website where by performing some actions you’ll get free satoshis.

Generally the action is to complete a captcha; those tests with which you demonstrate in the forms that you are human and not a robot.

These captchas are usually surrounded by advertising, usually from unreliable sites, many HIYP; but also from other faucets, or legal sites.

The steps to register in a Bitcoin faucet

Generally you will be asked for a Bitcoin wallet or an email, with that you will have registration.

Then you have access to the faucet and you can start receiving satoshis by completing the captcha.

You will have to wait a while, depending on each faucet, some ask you to wait 10 minutes, another 20 minutes, but there are also 1 hour or 1 day.

It also varies what you get, do not expect to get rich, but you can achieve something in the medium and long term.

And as always it will depend on where you live. Because 1 dollar in Spain is not the same as in a country in Africa or South America.

Here you have 3 Bitcoin faucet that are connected to CoinPot

What is CoinPot?, a microwallet that allows you to save, exchange, and even mine crypto coins.

The advantage of CoinPot is that having all 3 faucets in the same place makes it easier to increase your balance.

MoonBitcoin, in that faucet you can claim satoshis every 5 minutes.

Bit Fun, you can claim every time there are satoshis, there is no time limit, just wait until there are some satoshis in the account to claim them.

Bitcoin Bonus, claims are every 15 minutes.

In CoinPot you have more faucets of other crypto currencies that you can accumulate and then switch between them.

Besides, just for using it they also give you tokens.

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